Owen – see him talk

Owen Hughes is Tasmaina’s first Master of Photography way back in the 80’s. There are a heap around now, but Owen was the first.I guess most people in Launceston will know who Owen is, he would be the longest operating photographer in the area and would probably have shot over 1000 weddings and even more portraits, including some of my family when we were younger.

I find it fasinating to talk to people who have been around a while, Owen is no exception. I am helping him put together a presentation he is giving on the 24th of August in Launceston and have already seen and heard some of the stories that he will be telling. I had no idea of how Owen got started, or the kinds of jobs he did back in the 70’s and 80’s. Bit of an eye opener!

So, you should get yourself to Launceston on the 24th and hear a legend of Tasmanian photography tell his story. It’s being run by the AIPP and you can read more about it here and purchase tickets here.  This seminar will be worth seeing, and i mean REALLY WORTH GOING TO SEE.

More next week on the other guy who is speaking… he was one of the first Grand Masters of Photography.