Photobat is heading to a new home! Seriously, read this post.

Well… 11 years… time for a change. A big change.

Just before we went off to Hawaii to shoot Matt and Joh’s awesome wedding (blog post soon) Vikashni was offered a job. A really really good job. One that is amazing for her career in IT, did you know she has almost 10 years experience and a degree in the IT area? Well you do now.

So that means that Photobat has lost its Development Manager. Sad to see her go and not have her about all the time, the business has certainly done some great things with Vikahsni looking out for it.

Of course she will still be involved just not as much hands on as before.

So, that’s not the really big part of the news.

The big part of the news is that her job is in Melbourne.

So, Photobat is moving to a new home in Melbourne too.

We were already in the process of looking for a new office and had pretty much settled on a great new location in the city but now we have to let that go and look for something in a much bigger city.
Over the years we have made so many friends here with Photobat, so many clients have turned into great friends. We still have a strong connection here and aren’t going to let a little bit of water keep us away. There are still many weddings and portraits to shoot here, the best part of being a photographer is watching families grow and I’m not going to miss out on that. I’ll be racking up quite a few frequent flier points and eating too many overpriced cheese and biscuits as I bounce backwards and forwards. I already have trips booked!

I reckon Tasmania is the best place to shoot weddings, we really have it all down here and I’m looking forward to coming back to shoot all the weddings I have booked in and the ones I’m still going to be booking!

Photobat isn’t closing down. Photobat is portable and can operate in multiple locations and has been since it started with shoots all over the country and overseas. Vee’s new job is so good that it was hard to refuse so after hard and long talks we decided that it was our best option. The hard part was the plans we had still on the boards, we had more things we were planning and our new space was going to be awesome.

It’s all happened a bit sudden. Really sudden. Vikashni is already in Melbourne and has started her job while Saffron hangs out here with me. We will be getting over there as soon and looking forward to connecting with all my Melbourne friends too, some of which have been flying down here for 5 years to get portraits taken!
Now we do want to keep in touch, we do have an email newsletter which I’ll get out a few times a year, but more importantly I’d love to have your postal address as I’m planning on setting up a real newsletter that requires a postal address (remember them?) So if you would like to see all the new adventures, share the stories, learn about photography and my image making click the link to stay in touch.

Please, if you have any questions let me know give me a call on 0407 848 734 or email via the  enquiry page. I’m going to be crazy the next few weeks so might be a little slow in getting back but I will get back to you.

Ok, I have to go pack up an office now, so I’ll catch you soon


Ps. Melbourne photographers, wanna catch up for a drink soon? Tassie ones want to have one too?