Time for day 12 and it’s Photobat! A business I’ve come to know very well over the last 20 years from when I started it!

When I get asked what I do, I always tell people that I photograph people in a way that they have a heap of fun with the whole experience. It’s one of the thing I hear most at the end of the session, that “it was fun and nothing like what I thought”. Typically if you are of a parent age at the moment, you were dragged to a very posed portrait studio for your family photos. You were told to sit there, put your hand here and say cheese. If you think of that, and go the other direction and add in some fart jokes you get me. Relaxed, free flowing and full of real laughs and emotions that look amazing on your wall.

Today I get to announce the new wall art pieces that are coming to the Photobat catalogue in 2020! 

For a while now the canvas sets have been extremely popular and I thought it was time to re reinvent some old favourites that disappeared from the catalogue when I moved Photobat over from Tasmania 9 years ago.

The Framed Story Boards are a single frame that tells a story, and we have five different options below to give you an example. They are available ready to hang in black, white or oak frame and come in a variety of sizes to fit the space in your home perfectly.

When we are planning sessions I always ask what you would love to do with your images, where would you love to put them up at home. From this I can help work out how I photograph your family and if you are in love with the storyboards I can shoot specifically for it.

These are perfect for cake smashes, puddle jumping, ice cream eating… anything that happens in a series. But then again they are also perfect for just a set of great portraits like the black and white 4up below. 


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and a 4 or 9 framed storyboard