Photographer and Portrait

On Friday, Emily Boys, a third year photography student from Queensland dropped by to take my photos. She is putting together her final folio and it’s all about photographers! She has 50 to photograph, but only needs 12 for her folio. Which 12 that make it in are more to the taste of her lectures than her own favuorites. As far as final folios go, this is the best idea i’ve heard of, not only do you get to meet a variety of photographers, she is also is learning a heap about the industry and styles. I wish i had thought of it, but then again, Emily is very brave pointing that lens at photographers. I’m not sure i would have had the guts at uni to photography professional photographers.

It is always interesting to me when i have my photo taken, most of the photos of me that are about are taken by my, the one of the about me page of was taken in the toilets of the building i work in (i can’t help it where there is good light). So to have someone else pointing a camera at me is a bit novel. The shoot was fine, a few years ago i was scared of the camera, i’m not any more, I do have a very typical “photo smile” which i really don’t like, but when i am smiling for real or laughing i take a good photo. I’m also good at serious looks.

I’ll post the shots that Emily took once I see them, but in the meantime is a shot of Emily i took after she shot me. I find one of the best ways to learn about photoraphy is to have photos taken of yourself, you get to know what it’s like to be in front of a lens and sympathise with your subjects more.

So tips to new comer photographers, have your photo taken and also go and talk to other photographers. it’s the best way to learn.

Emily website is here if you want to have a look.