Playing on the Beach | Family Portraits Ulverstone Tasmania Photography

I haven’t spent a lot of time in Ulverstone. It has always been the town after Devonport and before Burnie. I didn’t realise how great the beach was and how luck Ulverstonians are to have it just there. Launceston is a bit lacking in the beach area, apparently we used to have a couple of good ones but silt has taken care of them, plus who would want to swim in the lower reaches of the Tamar anyway.

I was introduced the beach at Ulverstone by Elise, Jarod, Zack and Sienna who are lucky enough to live within a stone throw of the beach (a good stone thrower, not a girly one like me). I think the beach brings out energy, something in the wind maybe? These kids didn’t stop. Lots of running, jumping, splashing and exploring in the dunes. They were smart and took off their shoes, i still haven’t learnt that me + beach = wet shoes/jeans. But killing a pair of shows was worth it for these guys. Thank again for the really great time and introducing me to your beach, i’m very jealous of it – Alan