Portrait of the Week | Casey Bennetto | Melbourne Portrait Photography

For years I’ve wanted to shoot a portrait of Casey Bennetto. I remember Casey’s name being whispered, well more like yelled about during a comedy festival a few years ago. His name was linked to Keating! The Opera mainly due to the fact he wrote and was performing in it. Keating!  took out a heap of awards, toured, was televised and did other generally good things. You may have seen him on Spicks and Specks, heard him on RRR Tuesday nights co hosting the show Superfluity or even seen him as a dancing choir frog (if you know this reference you have been out to see a great show in the last couple of months).

Casey’s a writer, musician and general man of many talents. A creative, a highly respected and talented creative. We did have to meet, we have heaps of mutual friends and also both know the ups and downs of living a creative life. More on Casey over here.