Portrait product and price Tweeking | Photobat Portrait

I’m opening up my thinking a bit more and the process behing my business so you can see what is going on, so here is another one of those posts

One of the great things I have in my business is the people I get to photograph. Not only for their love but also their honesty and I feel that want me and Photobat to be the very best.
A couple of weeks ago I put up the new photobat portrait pricing guide, and I’ve had feedback from you guys about it and I’ve made some tweeks.

The addition of screen resolution files, they are sized to play on monitors and share on social media. You guys asked for it and I’ve delivered it! Pretty well priced too, a complete set of portrait screen res share files is $997 but if you spend $500 on product you can have them for $247 and if you spend over $1000 you can have them for free!
Plus I’ve also added better pricing of smaller prints. I never really offered the 6×4 or 5×7 print size as the world of pro photographers said “you shouldn’t sell small prints, your photos need to be seen big”. As you know I’m not listening to that world much anymore because you are my client not them. So I have priced these at a better gifting price.
Check out the full price guide over here (you may need to refresh your browser once it loads if you looked at the guide recently), and if you have any more suggestions and ideas please please please let me know!