Vee’s pregnancy shoots, a very personal project | Photobat 10 Year Highlight

Some personal projects are more personal than others. Watching Vikashni progress through the 38 weeks that she was pregnant was really special. We decided to take photos each week and that each photos was to be different, no taking the easy option and just repeating. It was a challenge to come up with different ideas and locations while also showing more of what we were experiancing and doing at the time.

Some locations were extra special, the second image was at the Ross Bridge where I surprised Vikashni with an engagement ring 4 years before. Image 3 with her beloved little Mouse cat and 4 with the ever present liquorish craving. Week 30 was pretty obvious and also was taken because I was 30 when Saffron was going to born.

Vikashni was also blessed with a really awesome pregnancy body so it made sense to take a few more revealing shots, she really loved her pregnancy body.

The last shot was taken in our back yard as the new leaves were forming at the same time for Saffron was getting ready to arrive, a couple of weeks early.

Capturing all the variety and stages is our visial diary of 9 months of memories that Saffron will be able to match up with the written diary that Vikashni kept along the way. I’m sure it is going to be somthing she will cherish as much as we do.