Pregnany Portrait | Pete and Em | Melbourne

There is a little baby that is due to arrive soon who is pretty lucky. He’s already blessed with amazing parents and he/she doesn’t even know it yet.

Pete and Em are a beautiful couple who I caught up with last week to celebrate the last stages of cooking a baby. We ended up taking most of the photos at a place I visited once back in 1998 and thought, I should come back here for a shoot one day… was well worth it and i’ll be back!

Congratulations again Pete and Em!

(As it’s pregnancy / newborn season and you are on the lookout for some great images to remember this really fanastic and important time of your lives so please get in touch and I’ll let you know what I can do for you) (And  yes… lots of babies arrive at this time of the year… what was going on 9 months ago?)