Pushing My Skills | Nude Photography | Melbourne

I felt I was being a bit too safe last year. I took so many images I loved yet always felt I could do a bit more, add somthing new, change things up.

When ever I get that feeling I jump into somthing different to challenge myself. So I did a nude photography workshop.
I had done some nudes in the past, both studio and location and was always pleased with the results. But i’ve never really had any instruction and thought that I could pick up some things to apply to my shoots.
I didn’t expect to be reminded of things I knew but didn’t use, new ways of doing similar things and even some reminders of what I do well already. Plus I picked up some good images.

Is it somthing i’m keen to do more of? Well yes if it arises, these shots can be quite a challenge to get right and done well.

I tend to enjoy the landscape and portrait ones the most, probably a throw back to uni days when in first year we had to do an assignment “person in the landscape”, all the arty kids did nudes, I just did clothed people. I didn’t like my shots much, so i’m re submitting the assignment now as a few of these images fit the breif well, the others are just great portraits.

More of the images are now over on my website,.

Models: Shanae