Red Suits and Dogs + Bride and Aviators

A different wedding…


It is fun when two pasts collide at a wedding. By that I mean that two different parts of my life were linked together last Saturday when Brad (who was at the same college as me in Melbourne) was married to Elisha (who was in Venturer’s with me and received her Queen Scout Award the same year as me).


So, this promised to be different… I’m not sure if you will pick what makes it different. A hint might be to check out what Brad is wearing, or check out the little dogs, maybe another hint would be the locations, possibly something else was the music selection for the brides entrance (anyone up for some Korn?).


These guys just threw down the challenge to give them something different, and when that happens I tend to go a little nut. Finding locations to take the photos around the areas that we would be travelling in was also fun. Using the large coloured walls of Cash Converters and Chickenfeed to contrast the bride and groom came off so well. And Rollerworld! Nothing says different to me like helping a bride climb through a burnt out window to get to a vandalised roller skating rink. Add into the mix the reception at a scout camping ground and you have a clear view of a different wedding.

Like every wedding, I could post many more photos but need to keep them a surprise for Brad and Elisha when they get back from their little jaunt in Thailand (it was warmer in Tasmania than Bangkok today, so I don’t see why you needed to go all that way, we have good Thai restaurants here too!)









Rollcall: Suit by City to Street, Dress by Timeless Elegance, Celebrant Barb Youd, flowers by International Balloon Land, Ceremony held at the Tailrace. Photographers fueled by Red Bull, gluten free bread and ginger biscuits.