Rhea and Nick | Wedding Photography Hobart Tasmania

It’s been a couple of weeks since Nick and Rhea’s wedding and I did try to post some images but had such a hard time figuring out what to post that I decided to post a mega huge post that included a heap of awesomeness that touched every little bit of their big day.

Family is a big part of most weddings, but this was really something. Nick and Rhea initially made contact through Rhea’s mum as they were off doing the teaching English in Japan thing. We had a great chat and a week or two later I skyped with Nick and Rhea and that’s where the fun really began.  I could tell from the way Keryn (Rhea’s Mum talked about her daughter and Nick that there was something special there, but not only between the soon to be weds, but also between the kids and the parents.

Organising a wedding from another continent is a hard thing to do, but there was family here to make things much easier. To give you an idea on some of the cool things that this wedding had I’ll list some as it’s too much to mention everything. Rhea’s dress and shoes were the same dress and shoes her mum wore at her wedding, with the addition of the jacket that her Keryn made. Keryn also made Rhea’s bridesmaid’s dress which happened to be Rhea’s sister Paige. Paige made the earrings and had her grandmothers pearl reset into a new ring for the day too. The flowers were also Keryn’s touch and the seeds from the flowers were given to all the guests at the reception. The other rings were made with the assistance of someone (who I’m still looking for) on Etsy.

So On Nick’s side, his “bridesmaids” was sister Kahlia who also made the cupcakes along with Nick’s mum who also made Kahlia’s dress. Nick’s groomsman was his brother Chris who helped tie Nick’s tie (very important)

The ceremony was at the Baha’i Centre in Hobart, a fascinating building that I look forward to meeting again in the future. Instead of confetti there was Kami-Fufen, a Japanese toy that was propelled at the couple as they left the ceremony.

A few shots at the waterfront followed by some shots up at Islington and then it was time to head to Cascades where Nick used to work as a tour guide and be welcomed by Taiko Drumming.

As mentioned, this is the cut down version… so much more I could rave on about but I really want to get this post up. Nick and Rhea are made for each other, the laugh with the same intensity and have brightness in their eyes that can make anyone happy. I’m glad they found each other and very glad I could get them some photos on their big day.