Rhys and Jess – The Wedding

We had been looking forward to Jess and Rhys’s wedding ever since they first came up to see us, we looked forward to it even more after the engagement session, and then the day came and didn’t let us down.

Rhys and Jess only move into their newly built home earlier in the week and now it was inundated with family. We caught up with Rhys there and found some brilliant locations for shots, it was like the house had been designed for taking photos in.


Jess was in the more established family home down past Margate, which was built by her Dad. We arrived in the finishing stages of make up. The dress was spectacular; it came all the way from Spain. The flowers were unexpected, they were given to Jess the day before as a present (did I mention that Jess got married on her birthday!) and she tore them apart and reassembled them into 3 bouquets for her and her bridesmaids.

Then we met the car, Jess’s dad’s first love. A fantstic Holden, very photogenic!

I have said it before, and I will keep saying it. D’entrecasteaux is the best spot in Tasmania to be getting married. You don’t even feal like you are in Tasmania, you could easily be in a small town in Europe. It proved a great spot for the ceremony, which was sunny, windy, overcast, rainy, sunny, rainy, overcast, sunny repeat. Jess’s Uncle Ron preformed the service, with Rhys’s family providing the paparazzi!



We played down on Cremorne Beach for some photos before heading back to D’entrecasteaux for some time with the guests before they were shipped out leaving only us and the happy couple full rein of the place to get some shots. And yes, we got some fantastic ones.


Thanks again Rhys and Jess for letting us come and spend the day with you! There are many more photos to share with you. I can’t wait to catch you when you get back from sunning yourselves on a tropical island.