Road Trip… in a minute or two. Archmelich Big…

Road Trip… in a minute or two.


Big Rocky House (renotaters delight)

Note Lack Of Otters

A Castle

Well, I’m back in Edinburgh after driving about 920 miles (1480km) around the west, and central north of Scotland. From the amazing island of Skye, for 2 nights, which included things such as sitting on a beach watching seals (no otters), Iron age forts and climbing up a large hill (well, it was a sheep paddock) to discover the place we were looking for was where we parked the car.

On to places like Elian Donan castle (see Highlander), small fishing villages and some of the most spectacular mountain scenery I’ve been too. A great little hostel that is on a beach with sands and water like the East coast of Tasmania, to a castle that is what you think when you think of Scotland. Then to a castle, full of antiques and history and an amazing garden. And then onto to wrap up the day spent the night in a castle on the east coast of Scotland.

Today included a rather cheesy and crappy Loch Ness monster experience followed by a trip to a wildlife park to see an otter and other critters.

So tomorrow… London calling…