Rosemary and Cameron’s Wedding+ Abigail’s Naming Day

Saturday was the big wedding / naming day for Rosemary, Cameron and Abigail, and the weather was perfect. It has been really great to be a part of these guys recent lives, when we shot the engagement portrait it was really an engagement / pregnancy portrait, and then once little Abigail was with us we did their first family portrait

It all started with a fun, and slightly competative game of Mini Golf with the boys. It seemed that everyone was fairly well matched, like following a hole in one with hitting the maximum number of strokes on the next hole.


Abby was the perfect baby all day, just being content with looking about and sleeping. She slept most of the morning and then all the way through the ceremony.

And Rosemary looked stunning!


The ceremony took place in the rose garden near the Cenotaph. It turns out that is the spot where Cam proposed and as you may have gathered, Rosemary said yes!. I have not photographed a baby naming before, let along one that happens at the same time as a wedding. As always, Barb Youd held it all together well and made it a very special ceremony.

We took a few shots about Royal Park before heading off to Strathlynn for some more photos. Stathlynn is a fantastic spot, it always looks amazing in photos and the reception set up is always perfect.


How great are the flowers! Grant at Cache did another fantastic bouquet.


I love this shot of the “animals in the vineyard”.



Thanks again you guys for letting us take photos of your lives, you are on a fantastic journey and I can’t wait to show you even more photos soon.