Ruins and a Wedding! Nikki and Ben had big plans…

Ruins and a Wedding!

Nikki and Ben had big plans, a wedding in Rome, but due to some parent concerns of traveling so far, they settled on Australia’s most popular ruins at Port Arthur. They were married in the ruins of the convict church with their all their family and friends who had traveled from the mainland to be there.

The photo locations were abound different parts of the site, the grounds keeper gave us a lift and then gave us permission to “jump some fences” to get to some great spots that are normally out of bounds. We arrived outside the penatentary and waved good bye to out unexpected lift, a minute later, the heavens opened up and dumped five minutes of soaking rain. There was only one place to run to, a little woodern hut about 50 meters from where we were… we were all quite wet! But when the rain let up we got some great shots with the hut!