Ryan and Liona

 Hey, Zakk here! I’m on now blogging duties, my first of which will be Ryan and Liona’s wedding last saturday.


Alan started early with the girls, heading over to bladerunner hair dressing for the morning’s make up and hair.

  On the way from the hair dressing I joined alan and we went to find the guys who were having a very sporting morning. With a game of back yard cricket and a close encounter with a very ferocious dog to retireve a well hit 6, we called morning tea and when inside to get some great shots of Ryan suiting up. There was a distinct French theme to the house (mostly Paris!) which we found later carried on though the reception!

down at rosevears, the girls were dowing a dress run that went alot faster than they planned which was fantastic; it gave us time to get some great shots of Liona and her dress from Rayanne Bridal.

  The ceremony was wonderfully hosted by Peta Callahan, and when everything running smoothly, pronounced Ryan and Liona as husband and wife!

 With everything we could need (including our ladder) we went searching around the vineyard. Even after a few weddings Rosevears Estate still suprised us with some fantastic locations, a wall of ivy we had not noticed before, the road to the vineyard with the sun falling behind the hill, and the stairway to the cellars were perfect to take some photos.

 Thank you again Ryan and Liona for letting us shoot your wedding, we hope you enjoy your lives together and most of all… Paris!