Saffron | Happy 30 Kids | Melbourne Children Photography

Name: Saffron
Age: 6

What makes her happy? Handstands, tickles, playdates, sleep overs, her puppy Skye, milkshakes and running really fast

The back story of 30 happy Kids.

Every night for a few years we have been asking Saffron and writing down “What made you happy today?” It’s a kind of gratitude journal for her and has now evolved into more than the happy question, we now do ask about gratitude, what she learnt and what she is going to do tomorrow. This is a part of the day we all look forward to and I wanted to share it with everyone else who drops past this website. Happiness is a default in kids and we loose it as we grow up as negative thoughts overtake the primary place in our heads, most of us need to work on our mindset to keep the positive and gratefulness alive.

Personally I do the 5 Minute Journal every morning and night to keep my head in place, it really does work!

30 Days of happy kids portraits to kick off the new website!

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Another Happy project will be taking place for primary school aged kids later this year, want your kids involved? Get on the list for the next round!