Sam and Pip | Wedding Photography

Saturday morning was wet. I don’t mean a little sprinkle of rain wet I’m talking about gather two of every animal and get in a dingy wet. Not so good for Sam and Pip’s outdoors wedding. I had a chat to them both in the morning and there was not the slightest amount of worry about the rain. They were right to be not worried, it stopped a couple of hours before the wedding ceremony and stayed away until the evening.

This was a great spot for a wedding, the family farm. Most family farms I’ve been to have a few acres, some sheep or wheat and a few sheds. Not Benham, Behman is a little larger, heaps of sheep, fields buildings and is just an amazing setting for a wedding and even better for wedding photography!0911tyson002

The guys had a quick shoot and then had to get ready for the “wet weather alternative” setting up chairs in a garage. They looked pretty good in their suits and got ready in what I think was one of the shearers quarters. So many locations….0911tyson016a0911tyson033a0911tyson046One of our previous wedding clients, Veronica has won Bridesmaid of the year with her effort of popping out a very cute boy 6 days before the wedding and instead of going home once leaving hospital she went and got bridesmaided up, picked up the baby and husband, and then off to the wedding! Congratulations to Rob and Veronica on Edward’s arrival. I’m sure Rob has already introduced him to joys of John Deere!

Someone I was surprised to see helping the girls get ready was Pip’s cat Elsie. We met Elise on the engagement shoot and she was only slightly put out when I took here photo.0911tyson0580911tyson0760911tyson088a0911tyson113

The rain did clear and set up a beautiful afternoon for the ceremony and photos. Julie Campbell did a great job doing the marring and Matsons kept everyone all nicely fed and watered. Bridesmaid Em did a great job of painting some gumboots for the girls to wear and just because it stopped raining didn’t mean we couldn’t use them.0911tyson1170911tyson135a0911tyson141a0911tyson223a0911tyson265a

The reception was in a fantastic hall and looked fantastic, the centerpiece of who whole room was the cake. Anvers White Truffle Crockenbush. Yes, that is a very very good looking cake. We finished our the night by presenting a same day slideshow of some, some of the engagement shots and also photos from the day. Always a little stressful to get it made in time but always comes together. They are fun to do!0911tyson2800911tyson285

Thanks again Sam and Pip for having us along, it was a truly brilliant day with lots of good things everywhere we turned our head. You guys are a pretty good looking couple with a heaps of fun family and friends. We had a blast shooting your day!0911tyson293