3 Weeks Ago via phone…

Sam “Are you about to do some Batbooth photos at Simon’s 40 on the 19th of September”
Bat “Er… not really, I’m probably going to be in Perth”
Sam “Oh, OK… but there is something else happening”
Bat “What?”
Sam “I can’t tell you but we are having someone come along for 10 minutes and do something”
Bat “What kind of something?”
Sam “I can’t say but it would be great to have some photos of it”
Bat “Ahhh… I think I get what you are saying. I might have to change my flight plans”
Sam “Great!”
Bat “This is all very exciting!”

And the 19th has come, people showed up for Simon’s birthday party. There were drinks, BATBOOTH, cheese, dips and a surprise wedding. Yes, A SURPRISE WEDDING! So cool, I wasn’t told directly about it but did work it out. Sam and Simon have been together for ages and have even been wearing rings for ages. It was only when the plans for the birthday party were in place that they decided it would be the perfect time to get married.

It happened slowly with the celebrant sneaking in and suddenly making an announcement. Some people were onto it as soon as the celebrant arrived, others only realised when it was announced. There were tears, laughter and such a fantastic feeling in the room as Sam and Simon, surrounded by their kids, family and friends exchanged vows and rings.


Then it was back to the party!

I really enjoyed the look on the “late comers” who arrived after the ceremony.

I’ll be posting some more images up soon but here is one of the happy couple. Congratulations again Sam and Simon!