Sam, Pip and Elsie | Engagment and Pet Portraits

I have said it before, and i’ll say it again. Winter is a fantastic time for having some photos taken. It was Sam and Pip’s turn to do their engagement portrait session. We started out at their place as there was someone special to photography. Elsie is Pip’s old cat who has a lot of attitude in looks, but is really just a sweet little cat.

You can see she loves her scratches. Once we has said goodbye to Elsie we headed down to Duck Reach, an old power station hided in the suburbs of Launceston. Usually when I photograph here it’s straight to the rocks, but as the light was amazing we stayed on the bridge and around the station itself.

Sam and Pip were so easy to photography, there was so much laughter and you can really tell how much on love they are. I am really looking forward to their wedding in Avoca later in the year.

 Thanks again you guys for being fantastic!