Sam Simmons | Barry Award Winning Comedian

I met Sam years and years ago. He wouldn’t remember it, I was on a tram heading down Swanston Street listening to JJJ where Adam Hills was outside the townhall chatting to comedians. I happened to look out the window and saw that I was listwning to what was happening just outside the window. SO I jumpped out to take a photo of Adam, who i’d never met before. He was kinda busy with a national broadcast, so I turned to Steve Promise, the character Sam was there as. I took 3-4 snaps and then jumpped back on the tram. But that’s the old story… over the years i’ve bummped into and shot Sam in so many places, he is totally dedicated to his craft like a true artist. He pushes himself and the results show, tv shows, a huge following and a swag of awards from all over the world.

But what is he really like?
He’s like Curious George, asks questions he genuinelly wants to know the answers to, he is complimentary, he is just a really really nice guy that I wish geography allowed us to hang out more. Cause even if you think his art is strange, he is a great guy and you can’t deny that when you meet him.

So i’ll grab the 10 minutes I can to take a quick photo and have a chat whenever I can, this shoot was planned and there was only 10 minutes. I like a quickie grin

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