Sarah and Anthony | Wedding Photography, Peppermint Bay, Tasmania

There was a very slight sense of foreboding at the beginning of the day…. already 26 degrees and it wasn’t even 9am. What would the rest of the day hold for the 140 or so very well dressed guests  guests and 1 little photographer in a suit? Would we all be in puddles? Would the reception be moved into the fridge at Peppermint Bay? Would the candles melt?

None of the above, it did hit 38.9 degrees making it record wedding heat for me, but i can say that the heat was a little on the annoying side but really didn’t affect how everything unfolded. And it unfolded pretty darn well in my opinion.

There are so many stories about this wedding, from the dad’s joint conversational speech, the discovery of a great location that held the heat at bay, the amazing Tasmanian sourced menu, the boat trip down, those great flowers and reception set up, even the wine selection had a story.

Well done again to Sarah and Anthony for getting hitched in such a great way with such great family and friends all around. It really was a fantastic day. And here are a few shots to help tell the story of your day.

(oh, and the candles did melt 🙁  )