Scott and Vicki

When I first met Scott and Vicki they were not engaged, and by the time their portrait session came around they were. So it was great to be able to document that newly engaged time in their live and follow it up with their big wedding day.

The rain clouds were very threatening early in the day and there were some worried looks, but by mid morning it was all good with blue sky and just a little bit of wind. it didnt’ worry the guys, they were too busy bowling to notice the weather.

Then off to Scott and Vicki’s place for a quivk bit of refreashment and some getting ready shots. These guys were having a bit too much fun, I have no idea what they were doing before we arrived, but it kept them smiling! I think Scott and his twin brother probably got up to a lot of mishief when they were young.

I had a reflective time, with some shots of Scott in a mirror and as you will see down below, vicki reflected in a puddle.

The girls had their hair expertly played with by the team in at Convict Cutters.

Then off to Vicki’s parents place to get ready.

And how cute are the page boys? As you can tell, one wasn’t quite into having his photo taken

The church was amazing, it’s St Mary’s out in Hagley, a small country town about 20 minutes east of Launceston. It has been a place i’ve wanted to shoot in for years and it was such a nice little church with a heap of character.

The page boys wer given little cars as thank you gifts, they loved them so much that they created a race track around the aisles of the church.

How much cool are kids at weddings?

After the ceremony we took advantage of the church and used it as our backdrop for a few photos.

Then back into the seaport for a few more photos before ending up at the Cataract Bistro for the reception.

I am always on the look out for a great shot to finish off the day, and I thought it woudl be one with heaps of clouds, but by the end of the day it was so clear and only one little cloud was hanging around for the sunset. luckily it was a great little cloud!


congratulations again Vicki and Scott and thanks for letting us come and play on your day. I hope you are having a great time away and I am really looking forward to showing you the rest of your the photos.