Second Child Syndrome | Binalong Bay Family Photos

Second Child Syndrome is somthing that, as the title suggests, effects the second child of a family. They have to put up with the fact that the first child was such a special addition to a family because it was the first. There are photos hanging everywhere but then when number 2 comes along the amount of photos tends to reduce. it’s not that the second child is any less important or special, its just the excitment of those first years of being a parent take over.

Jasper is a second child. Apparetnly one night when he was being soothed to sleep he kept looking at photos of the baby on the wall. It was his older brother Griffin. The other photos on the wall of the little boy playing with his parents was also Griffin. Jasper was missing. That has now been fixed when we delivered filled out Jasper’s a perscription of a shoot to help relieve the symptoms of 2nd Child Syndrome.

Admittidly, Griffin did star a bit while Jasper had a nap, he was especially good captaining the Explorer 200, his wave surfing ship.

If you or you know a family that has been affected by Second Child Syndrome, please let us know and we can send then a perscription to rectify the situation!