Shooting A Python. Some of the more attentive r…

Shooting A Python.

Some of the more attentive readers may have noticed the addition of Michael Palin to my Portrait Challenge last wee. For those of you who don’t know who he is i recommend you have a go hire a Monty Python video, the movie “A Fish Called Wanda” or even watch his travel documentaries.

He was in town to promote his new travel series Himalaya and was doing some book signing and a talk at the Theatre Royal. I had managed to get in contact with his publisist for the tour and he said he would put my request for time for a portrait to Michael. I didn’t hear anything back, so i just turned up to the talk and with help from Clive at Fullers i managed to get backstage and hand about for the talk, the book signing and then i managed to get some time to take a picture.

While the book signing was taking place after the talk i did a bit of a location search and found some just outside the theater in a lane way.

When word got out amongst my friends that i would probably be doing a portrait of Michael, there were a lot of offers of assistance. I ended up using Craig Wellington who just happened to be at the tlk and had helped me before in Melbourne. I really should have used Lindy, cause as she said, the main difference between her and the other offers was that she “puts out”. Another time… maybe.

So, i did a test shot with Craig, got everything lined up and ready to go and then waited for Michael to appear. I had been given a heads up by his publicist that he “doesn’t like having his photo taken”. So i was going to shoot it quickly, i expect i had about 5 minutes, which is heaps of time. I didn’t use 5 minutes, i didn’t use 2. From the time i shot the first frame to the final frame was 46 seconds (the digital camera tells me exatlyt what time i took the photos so that isn’t an exaggeration).

That was it, no messing about, only 5 shots were taken, the minimal amount of word spoken and then he was off.

It’s strange, i know a lot of people who would have loved to have a bit of a chat, but i really didn’t have much to say to him. I am a bit of a fan, i enjoy his work, but really, apart from gloating over someone saying how much you like their work, what else is there to say? I did say “Can you please turn this way” and “thank you very much for your time” but nothing rally engaging. I think my lack of words could have been mistaken for awe, but it really wasn’t. I just didn’t have anything to say to him.

So, i’ve got a Python in the folio, now i just need a Goodie.