Show Time

This was the first Launceston Show i’ve been to since I was in grade 8. Vikashni and I did all the things you do at the show, we ate dagwood dogs, thought we knew how to win the big prizes, looked at the fluffy animals and bought show bags! I do feel a little ripped off, I asked for the King Gang show bag, you know King Rats, King snakes etc, but didn’t realise until I got home that it was a bubble gum bag.

I think when I was younger I would have been bored with the dog and cat shows, but this year I really enjoyed looking at all the different cute (and not so cute) pets. So much to to take photos of in the dog area. I think I will have to spend some time at a dog show and document all the dogs and owners.


And there wasn’t too many cats on show, which was disappointing.

As we were leavin, we bumped into Karena and Jeremy, Jeremy is running for council for the Greens and Karena was there giving him a hand as was their baby bump!