Sickness – The last 10 days.

I stumbled through a few days last week. Early in the week things were looking promising, heaps of people dropping by to talk about what the love about their families and how we are going to turn that into artwork for their walls. Problem was I wasn’t quite feeling 100%. If I’m not feeling 100% my procrastination level rises by about 150%. Lots of things do get achieved when the procrastination sets in, mainly research. For instance if I ever meet Lindsay Lohan I’ll know what not to ask her about her house arrest and many other interesting things.

I gave up on Wednesday, I did manage to make it to my weekly stupid o’clock meeting but decided that 9am was my home time. I realised that night that conjunctivitis had decided to pay my left eye a visit. I don’t like visitors that turn my perfectly good eyes into zombie eyes.

Thursday afternoon saw all three of us at the doctors, Vee’s cough was nothing to really worry about, and same with Saffron, then the doctor turned her attention to me.  I hit the jackpot with 6 prescriptions (admittedly they were some back up things that didn’t have anything t do with my current ailments). She also gave me a doctor’s certificate to give to me saying that I have a week off on top of the days I’d already taken off.

So. Couch. Sleep. Tv.

West Wing season 5 to get more information on what was happening in the US with the debt ceiling. Yes when ever anything political happens in the US I watch what the West Wing did and learn. I think I’ve watched all 7 seasons 3 times.

After 20 episodes, Vee finally said she had enough West Wing.

So. Dexter Seasons 4-5. We were only going to watch season 4 but they writers did a bad thing in the last episode and made us have to watch the next season straight away.

I didn’t just sit on the couch there were many other fun things like play with a baby, anti-bac my hands, cook some food using real black truffle, anti-bac my hands, catch up on some reading, anti-bac my hands, clean up the cats explosive diarrhoea, anti-bac my hands, feet, legs, arms, head.

So I’m back in the office tomorrow, I dropped by there today just to check the answering machine and pick up a couple of things. 13 messages to return on top of all the rebooking. Might not have a voice by the end of tomorrow too.

On the plus side, a wedding on next Friday to shoot. First of the new season. Going to be fun to use a camera again, I hope someone reminds me which bit I have to look through and what button to press.

Another plus is that there is big change coming.