Size dosen’t matter, Matt and Molly – Engagement

These guys are fun. And I mean really fun. We had the best time just wandering about taking some shots. Matt and Molly are getting married next February and I can’t wait for the wedding. It is lucky that I do engagement shoots so we all get a feel for how things will be on the wedding day.

I’m sure the first thing I noticed with these guys is that there is a little height difference, which just added to the fun. I get to team up with Molly because i’m short too! Then again, I did throw in a few short lines too… gotta roll with the punches.

Late afternoon in the city is a fantastic place to shoot, basically everywhere is a location. And over the hour we had about five different locations.

I love the shot above, the expression is achieved by Matt watching the photographer balancing with one foot on a little light while trying to keep still and take a photo.

Town hall proved to be another fantastic location, where we played with the height difference again,


And this weird pipe thing that is in the carpark, I have never noticed it before. Luckily Molly was just the right size to jump in and take this stunning shot.

So with the love these guys have, size definitely doesn’t matter. They are a heap of fun and I am really looking forward to the big day. I know it’s going to be a really special day and i’ll be honored to be there to play and take some more amazing photos of these two.