Some animals…

Shane: “So, do you photograph dogs?”
Alan: “Yes, we love dogs”
Shane:”Great, Well come on over and shoot our little family”
Alan: “How many we talking about, 2, 3?”
Shane:”5, 2 Pugs and 3 Cocker Spaniels”
Alan: “…”
Shane: “We would love a photo of them all together”
Alan: “…”
Shane: “…”
Alan: “No problems!”

And so it transpired that we had 5 dogs, on a kitchen bench, all looking reasonably ok, having their photo taken. It wasn’t that hard really!


Shane:  “Did I mention we also have some cats?”
Alan:  “No, How Many?”
Shane: “4”
Alan:  “Do you want them all in a photo together?”
Shane: “No”
Alan: sigh of relief




 And some other portraits of the dogs!





 Thanks Shane for the fun, if not a little bit scary, session!