Some new Holga


I had some new Holga shots processed, I’m still enjoying playing with the little plastic camera. I picked up some tungsten balanced slide film and got it cross processed, give these strange colouring… no photoshop!


Using this toy camera has made me really have to think about many different aspects of the art of photogaphy, thinking about different light, compositions, using shadows, understanding how a film is going to work in certain light conditions and most importantly, how dam expensive it gets to buy and process film, let alone get it scanned.

For those photo types out there, these are shot with expired Fuji 64T slide film, cross processed standard C41 way. The blue cast comes from the film being balanced for tungsten light and the images shot in day light and the contrast is increased because of the cross processing.


I’ll be adding more photos into the new Holga Gallery on soon, but for the time being head over to my flickr site for more images.