Spiders A’Hoy It’s the season for spiders… t…

Spiders A’Hoy

It’s the season for spiders… there is one behind me above the curtains, another smaller possibly dead on in the curtains, another just above my door and yet another is here somewhere… that’s the one I’m worried about. That’s the one that paid me a little visit today, I had contact with that one. While reaching to get a comedian file, which are in a heap of envelopes all stacked next to each other, I felt something soft and furry… at that moment I kinda dropped the envelope and the spider fell onto my desk. It decided to stay there for a while and when I tried to move it, I lost it, it was still somewhere on the desk but not in view… under some paper, in an envelope or somewhere else… after I picked up the courage again to do some work, I discovered where it was.. under the keyboard. I attempted to catch it, but it decided to scamper away behind the printer… I think it’s back on the wall now.. but not 100% sure.

I don’t like spiders.. especially the ones that want to be my friends.

In other news, I’m about to start the last chapter of the Diane Arbus biography I’ve been reading, not too sure if I want to read the last chapter… I know what is going to happen, and I don’t want it to.