Steve and Ruth

Many years ago in Perth WA there was a scout jamboree. I went along as a good scout does. While there I kept bumping into a guy wearing a bandana. It turns out he was also from Launceston and was known as Waldo.

Well Waldo is now all grown up and no one knows him as Waldo. So it’s now Stephen and I had the great pleasure of shooting his wedding to Ruth last weekend.

It all started with mini golf with the guys. Putters is a great spot down in Moonah, and it’s the first place i’ve managed to almost destroy a suit jacket.

Ruth was getting ready down at 7 mile beach and we mananged to get some fantastic shots. I loved her hair piece, which she designed herself.

It was a very windy day, so the ceremony ended up being held inside Barilla Bay Oysters in the bright afternoon sunlight.

Then it was off to the beach for some shots, the wind dropped just at the right time so it was nice and warm.

All through the day I saw an alarming amount of tounges from all the girls throughout the day and here is an example.


Thanks again Steve and Ruth for letting me come and playon your day. you guys wer so much fun and i’m sure the world is going to be nice to you both!

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