Sunday Afternoon with the Bull Family | Documentary Family Portrait

Liz and I share the same leters after our names. B.Ap.Sci. (photo), she was a couple of years below me and over the years we somehow kept in very loose touch and only really caught up properly since I arrived in Melbourne.I spent some a Sunday evening at the family home with her Mum, Dad, Brother and Husband family just shooting what they regularly when they get together. Potter in the garden and eat food.

On a regular portrait shoot I normally have an hour or so to get some shots. These documentary portraits are a bit longer. They need to be so that everyone can just go about being normal and not worrying about the camera being about. It’s not like I’m just being a strange quiet man with a camera hiding in the corner,  there are interactions but I’m not directing what is going on. It’s important for these shoots to be very real, to capture real relationships and details of the family. Then again… if someone’s mum wants to force a great curry into me, it’s rude to refuse grin