Sunset Beach Session | Aspendale Family Portrait

Typically, sunrise and sunset are the best times to have a family portrait at the beach… which for the southern states of Australia is a little bit of a problem as at the peak of Summer, sunrise is around 6 am, and sunset is around 9 pm, much too late for little kids to be at their optimal (Even though I find if the parents can get them self up for the sunrise sessions in summer the kids quickly get all the energy and fun) 

BUT Autumn is different! You get awesome sunsets and sunrises at a good time that works for kids! PLUS fewer people on the beaches.

What good is having great light if you don’t have a fun family to run about it? As you can see, we took full advantage of this, using that last bit of warm sun right through to that soft pastel afterglow that comes just after the sun has set.

I love kids where their cheekiness oozes out in their photos, it’s so much fun for me to play with them and get their personalities out. And, of course, some extra patience with the youngest who needed a little more time to warm up. 


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