Sunset On Natural Light Studio | Last Sessions for 2011

We have been getting some really sleek, beautiful and even sexy images from our natural light studio, but sadly it’s time for it to be put to bed for 2011.

We have 4 sessions left for the 2011, all on Sunday the 20th of November. Each session includes professional hair and makeup (which everyone is raving about), a great natural light studio session and also your cinematic purchasing session. All this for only $220!

We have a tremendous offer to wrap up the session with anyone who purchases an Image Folio Box of their session will receive any custom wall art at 30% off, a saving of up to $1350.

So, if you want some pampering, some great images of you, or even you and your special someone remember to get in touch now by call is us on 0407 848 734 or by clicking here.