Sydney and Beyond. I’m in a little bit of pain ri…

Sydney and Beyond.

I’m in a little bit of pain right now… but more about that later.

Sydney finished up ok, i got all my stuff packed on the sat arvo and didn’t achieve alot the rest of that day. Th\\I saw some Launch Pad with Sam Browing, Nick Sun and Bedroom Philospoler, after that there was some cheap meat and chips followed by some drink. Then to The Hat at the Seymour Centre, where The Bedroom Philosopher nearly destroyed $26500 worth of modern art by “loosing control” and trying to put it in the bin. The art is ok and a story was born that will develop into a legend.

Next mornging i was meant to pick up Justin (bedroom Philosopher) to drive to canberra to overnight on the way to Melbourne. I eventuly found him in a different location to where he was supposed to be, apparently the night before he wanted a cuddle from a girl. He then got me lost in 10 minutes which was not a good start to a long road trip. We recorded the trip, so if you want to hear aobut it email for a recording.
Highlights include, deciding not to stay in canberra in favour of Bec’s dairy farm, getting a little lost in canbera, changing the route so we went through kosiosko national park and all the nice hills, having the car stop working on one of those hills and having to do a roll start to keep going, making it to Albury just in time for KFC to give us left overs before they closed, me forwarding the clock in the car so that when justin woke up he thought we had travelled about 2 hours instead of the 10 minutes we had travelled. And arriving in Melbourne after 1100 kkms of driving.

Got to Melb on monday, dropped off the exhibition, saw some comedy at the local, which included some big name internationals who dropped in.
Next day more exhibiition setting up, and also the sudden and painful discoverey that i had screwed my back. So i end up at a chiropractor last night, got some alignments done, then had an x ray thismorngin and saw him again. It will be fine soon, i’ll see tomorrow if i can get out of bed easier, it took 5 mins this morning. I’m quite sore.

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