Sydney, The First Night I got rained on again, i…

Sydney, The First Night

I got rained on again, i stopped into a place to get some food, i prefered getting rained on to the microwaved crappness that was served to me. I walked on in less rain to the Seymour Centre. Talked to some people, realised that i still know very few people in Sydney.

I saw Peiter Dirk Uns (The South African drag guy), all I can say it is a mix of Dame Edna with Rod Quantock, it was great and brilliant at the same time. Some of the jokes were kind of lame but I guess that suited the format. I like story telling shows, this wasn’t really one of them but I learnt a lot about the political history of South Africa, and the teacher dressed up as the people, there was Bishop Desmond Tu Tu ,Winnie Mandela plus some of Pieter’s own characters. This guy is genuinely amazing, for 3 years he has been going around schools in South Africa and teaching about AIDs and prevention, meaning he has talked to over 1 million kids, and the great story at the end is where he is approached by one of the kids he talked to 3 years ago and Pieter asks him” How are things?” and the kid replies “I’m still alive!”. Interesting fact is that a third of South Africa’s population are under 25 and have little memory about apartide or the political struggle that happened to get rid of it.

Arj Barkers show Ego No Amigo is one of the funniest I’ve seen in ages, taking the guise of one of those “get sucked into a cult like group“ seminars, where your ego isn’t your friend. This is all inspired because Arj was taken to the planet of Labradoria and learnt of the Labradorian ways and has returned to share it with us all. It was full of lots of great lines and observations and a brilliant Yoga pun. This show is going to Melbourne, and he even stuffed up by mentioning we were in Victoria which the Sydney siders quickly let him know we weren’t in Victoria, so if you read this and you are in Melbourne go see it. Watch out for the Spants (Not quite pants, Not quite shorts) and also the Labridorians in the video at the end. So get to the “Isness of the Business” and see it.

After that was The Hat, where Nick Sun read from the Bible, Bedroom Philosopher did his usual kinda of funny stuff, and Gark Eck was dam good. I had a bit of a shat to Arj and organized some things for packing the exhibiton. It’s very good that the pass I have for the Big Laugh gets me 20% off drinks at the bar. Tonight is the last night of the Festival so it looks like it might be a big one, but I have to drive to Canberra tomorrow so I’m not too sure how hard I will go.