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Dec 03

Toot Toot Toys – 12 Days of Bayside Christmas

Today's featured business is Toottoot Toys which is owned by Carly Kohler and run by her with the help of her brilliant team of toy mad girls. I met Carly when we her family booked in for a portrait session that was postponed a few times due to bushfires and...
Dec 01

MYOSPACE – 12 Days of Bayside Christmas

Today's featured business is Myo Space owned and operated by Claire Adamson. I met Claire while ordering coffee and discovered pretty quickly that she is in high demand for her super powers of healing. I asked her all about business and why she loves what she does... I opened my...
Dec 01

Sweet Caroline – 12 Days of Bayside Christmas

Sweet Caroline is a local small business run by Caroline Hillis that make some pretty amazing treats. It all started with making a gingerbread house for her girls, which lead to friends and family asking for their own houses. Now Caroline is building more houses than a... I can't think...
Nov 27

Beaumaris Beach Family Portrait

Melbourne in spring time, one day it's under the heater while you dry off from an epic storm and the next it's out in the bay splashing about because that is what you do when it's hot.I never set out to get into the water with family portrait sessions but...
Nov 27

Urban Sandringham Family Portrait

I’m not exaggerating when 90 percent of families in Bayside are looking for family portraits at the beach. And why not! We have amazing beaches and they are really beautiful to photograph and have some fun with. But not all families are beachy, like the Mills family. Luckily Bayside has...
Nov 25
Nature Family

A quick preview… Beaumaris Family Portrait

A little blog to explain what happens after EVERY session I do. I can't wait to share the photos, it's just like when you are watching a really great show and you get to the ned of the episode and you just have to press next. That's me with photoshoots....
Nov 10

WELCOME TOM! Family portrait melbourne with pets

I love photographing a newborn, the pets and a new families first portrait!Two years ago I received an enquiry that selected “I have $x million dollars your long lost uncle left you” in my contact form. When someone clicks this one I’m pretty sure they are going to be awesome....
Nov 05

Brighton Beach Boxes Family Portrait

The Brighton beach boxes, an iconic spot in Victoria and a place I tended to avoid for family portrait sessions. And after 9 years of living in Melbourne I finally photographed one there, and not because of it’s iconic ness but because it is where the family love to go....
Oct 19

I’m Popular! 2020 Rise Awards | Bayside family photographer

The Rise Awards are into their third year and have grown to be a massive photography competition with entrants from all over the world throwing in images in a wide range of categories to try and get to the top. This was my second year entering and to be honest,...
Oct 10

HELP ME be Popular! Rise International Photography Awards 2020

Totally unexpected email this morning (well I forgot about entering) from the Rise International Photography Awards. Thrilled to have two images in the finals top 20 in two categories!  If that wasn't enough, there is a People's Choice Award that you can vote in! Yes you! Right now!!! Click the...
Aug 20
Fine Art

Sad Caravan | Behind the print | World Series Print Collection

To mark the release of my World Series Print Collection I'm gong to share some of the stories behind the images. First up, The Sad Caravan on Skye.In August 2005 I jumped into a big metal bird and flew off to the other side of the world. This was the...
Aug 19

2020 Fathers day gift ideas

Top ideas for Father's Day Gifts 2020 Father's Day is here again and it's all looking a bit different this year. Locked down, not able to do too much or somewhat normal, we are all seeing things a bit differently. But Dad's still doing awesomely, and I've thrown together a...