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Jul 28
Alan Moyle

Two Stamps

My photo on a stamp! | Melbourne Photographer https://youtu.be/FxHsALEYr7k I've been photographing comedians for 20 years. My photos have been on magazine covers, posters, Cd's, Dvd's, tv shows, exhibitions and even on Netflix. But I reckon this photos of Adam Hills on a stamp is a career highlight.  Of course......
Jul 23

LIFE – Finalist, 2020 silver Lining Awards

I had big plans for this year's state and national photography awards. I'd even started working on images late last year, which is something I never do.  Well, that all went out the window when the AIPP had to cancel all it's awards this year due to a certain virus...
Jul 22


https://youtu.be/s0ClzS3N0MM A long time ago I realised that I wasn't taking many photos of my daughter... I fixed that by doing a 365 Project. A photo a day of every day of a year. I did it!  And now it's time for Fox's turn. I've teed up his start date...
Apr 21
Where we drink

Where we drink – Pure Pie pop up

How we found it: By going on a walk for our "essential" exercise Where we found it: Beaumaris What we drank: Piccolo How we found the coffee: Pretty great... but really there was more than the coffee that made me stop Will we go again: Already have! The story behind...
Apr 03

Carla and the Kids | Half moon bay | family portrait session

What a treat to head down to the beach and enjoy all the fun of kids laughing, running smashing and seagull playing! This was the first session of Autumn this year, I didn't realise it was going to be one of the last for a while (shakes fist at virus)...
Mar 30

5 great channels to watch on youtube

With the whole COVID19 S***Storm happening, everyone is jumping onto Netflix, Prime and everyone ther streaming service to fill in their time. It reminds me of the days of old when we used to head down to the video store and try pick a video to watch that night, it...
Mar 20

7 reasons why now is a great time for a family portrait

Recently a friend asked me why I love shooting family portrait experiences so much. I hadn't been asked that before and it got me thinking... and when I think I blog!1: It’s a fun family activity for everyone.At the moment there is a lot of stress, anxiety and fear going...
Feb 23

Her first big gig

Along with capturing memories for everyone else, I love to create them with my kids too. So here is a little memory for Saffron at her first big concert. Queen + Adam Lambert. Safe to say she loved it.https://youtu.be/S9uFKNJu5dA
Feb 21

Generational Portrait Session – Black Rock

I have hundreds of photos of me with my grandparents, if you looked at them all together you will see that most of them are taken at special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. I'm grateful to have them but I do wish I had more than just forced sitting on...
Feb 19

I lied – Vlog 2020

So that blog I posted about finding long forgotten film and getting it processed... there was a lie in it.This is me correcting the lie.https://youtu.be/pzBxGw3RIXIAnd some of the photos below... if you didn't watch the video above... you won't understand!
Feb 17

Portrait Location Series – Nature

By far, most of the portrait sessions we do are outside. Kids love it outside, being able to run about, explore and get into all sorts of adventures. There are so many options, especially around the Bayside area for great family and children portraits. Before each session I love to...
Feb 14

Amber+Jack+Skittles – Beach Couple Sunset Session Edithvale

Sunset, one of the best times to wander along the beach, especially accompanied by the two people you love (Yes I'm including Skittles in this as a human)Jack and Amber regularly head down to the beach so it was the perfect spot to grab a few shots with the ever-curious...