Take 2 OK, I’ve breathed in, I’m calmed down an…

Take 2

OK, I’ve breathed in, I’m calmed down and it’s time to restart everything.

So a week into the comedy festival I have started it again, all the bad stuff is now behind me and it will be all good from now on.

I have to get my head around what I’m going to be charging for shoots. I’m being asked a lot and don’t have any idea. I might put a shoot fee on for taking the images and getting them a proof CD. Then charge per image after that.

Looks like I may be doing some band shots too. I’ve met a manager who looks after a heap of musical comedians and also a couple of bands. I’m going with him to see one of his bands on Saturday night to get a feel for them. He is probably the best contact I’ve made so far.

I’m off to a floor talk tonight by Robin Sellik, who is an Australian celebrity photographer. His exhibibiton is on at the moment so I’ll head down early and check it out before then meet up with Tom and see the talk. Should be interesting, I’m keeping an open mind about it, I’ve heard un favorable things from one of his subjects. I might bring that up… it may make me unpopular.

Hm… I’m in a pizza place, in Fitzroy waiting for food. There are music types next to me, they are discussing cd’s they are involved in. One of the bands is Architecture in Helsinki, who I really like. To join their conversation or not… they may be no one, or they could be very important. I know nothing.

I shot my first Special Feature segment today, Mikey and Justin Heazlewood. If I was going for a G rating, I doubt I’ll get it. First shot involved a naked butt.