That dam cat…

I like cats. I think they are cute and quite good leg warmers in winter.

Kooshan is not a cat. He is pure trouble.

Example 1

We had pancakes and left the bowl on the sink with some water in it. A few minutes later Kooshan comes in with half his face wet from cleaning the bowl.

Example 2 – 5 minutes later

I made a coffee. I put the milk jug on the bench. I sat down to enjoy some blog reading. I hear a loud band in the kitchen. Kooshan had his head stuck in the milk jug, unfortunately he managed to free himself before I got the camera. Here is the evidence on his face. Take a closer look to the right side of his face, now covered in milk.

Kooshan is now in the laundry. That is the place where he goes when he has been naughty. He spends a lot of time there. Once I found him in the cutlery drawer, it was only open an inch but he managed to get in. Dam cat. I had to clean all the cutlery. Then there was the time he broke the front window of the house, distracted me so I scrapped the side of the car, escaped out the fly screens and investigated the neighbours rubbish, amongst many many many other things.

We have another cat, he is quite nice. He spends very little time in the laundry.