That flying baby – REVEALED

A few week ago you may remember there was a flying baby, need a memory jog? click here.

It is now time to answer all the questions! Otto can’t really fly, but does love to be thrown up in the air, and he gets a lot of air because his dad is a bit of a giant (then again, to me most people are giants). So far Greg hasn’t dropped Otto, which is a good thing because he is the coolest baby!

Otto is a real little character, so many expressions! This little guy is great, heaps of fun and i’m sure will be a terror when he starts to walk and then run about.

He gets on really well with Zali the dog too.

See what I mean about the expressions? He’s an angel isn’t he!

I can’t wait to see how much trouble he is going to get into, thanks again Greg and Emma for letting me shoot your first born, and well done on him, I can’t rave about him more!