The Dishcloth. Way back in 1999, I did a bit…

The Dishcloth.

Way back in 1999, I did a bit of playing on the Scanning electron Microscope at uni. Big, expensive and dam cool “toy”. I did a course on it because I always loved those photos that I kept seeing of dust mites and other tiny insects. My uni course, being scientific photography, didn’t offer it as part of the syllabus, so I did an independent study on it, managed to squeeze into a 1 week intensive course and then had a year to play on the SEM. The next year a heap of people followed in my footsteps and did it, so it was kind of nice to be a trail blazer for that part of my course.

I wish I used it more, I don’t have any really great images that I ca print off, they are all about 20k in size. So only good for the screen.

This was a bit of my dishcloth from my college dorm… It’s my favourite of the 7 images I still have.