The End Of the Trip I ve been home for a while no…

The End Of the Trip

I ve been home for a while now, about time I finished off my little travel story.


Wedding in a Castle! A big castle with lots of swords, guns, shields and also a hell of a lot of deer antlers. All over the castle there are deer antlers with the year they were killed on them. Little creepy!
Louise and Damian were a cool couple, not only were they initially from North England and Scotland, they now live in Melbourne and decided that if they were getting married a castle it has to be! Stuff all this little vineyard thing that we do back in Aus, they want a dining hall that an army used to eat in, not a café that Terry and Molly had scones in once!

Lot so people about too, people I knew from previous weddings, all made for a great time. Pity about the rain, but it did clear up so we managed to play outside for a little bit.

No doubt I ll add some of these images into the wedding galleries in the next few months. Here is one just because I like it!

A drive back to Edinburgh with Chris and Sarah and another couple of locals was great, Chris and Sarah are an old couple form a by gone wedding of mine, still one of my top weddings (even though they didn t have a castle, they had a island, boat, bus, vineyard and long pink jacket so that s ok).

Arrival in Edinburgh, I get into my hostel, my phone rings, “Hey, you want to get a drink”, I say “Yes, meet me at the Underbelly Venue”. I waited for about 10 minutes wondering who this mysterious person was, and it turned out to be Andrew who lived at the Winter Palace in Hobart for a while when I used to crash there. Completely unexpected!

From there I did the usual Edinburgh thing, wander about till I bump into someone I know and talk to them till someone else comes by, and so on and on and on. I did manage to see some shows, my top things in Edinburgh this year was the, Charlie Pickering s Auto, Albert Watson exhibition, Harry Benson Exhibition (the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition was ok, just wasn t as comprehensive as I had hoped for).

I also managed to fit in a few shoots, including Adam Hills and Russell Howard, my first commissioned job from Avalon, they seemed happy!

The flight home was very very long. I managed to get to Edinburgh Airport 2 hours before check in opened. So 4 hours after I arrived I left to head down to London, from there I bought some more Harrords things for mum. I was hoping to but some nice wine in Scotland for my Dad, but it wouldn t have got through the security. So that didn t happen. He got a nice bottle of Port from the Heathrow Duty Free.

Yet again I was stupidly lucky, spare seat next to me the whole trip home, I got some sleep! No good films on this flight, the plane hadn t been upgraded to on demand. Even the bad films were not worth watching.

Anyway. I got home!!! Was met by V, adorned with her new piercing and tattoo!

Jet lag killed me for a while there. It s all over now, and I m just back to being me.

I ve been to Hobart and Melbourne since getting back. More trips to Hobart on the way and also maybe a trip to Canberra to see a man about a gallery. (And buy some fireworks)

I m adding photos from the trip onto my flickr site as I get around to them.