The girls in the bedroom with the birds | Family Portrait Launceston

A couple of weeks ago I headed up out early on a Saturday to shoot this gourgeous little family portrait. Little Liv was only about 12 weeks old and looking very cute, and if she is anything like her big sister Layla, the cuteness will be contunieing while she keeps growing.

Yes, I still have a thing for shoes, wedding season is nearly here so be expecting even more shoes being blogged soon.

She had so much fun just running around and around and around the curtain! So happy about it!

Mum Katy is a Naturapath and own Tonic Inspired Health up in Trevallyn, while Dad Jason runs around selling fantastic Pheonix drinks (the cola is my favourite)

Opps, nearly fell out of frame!

Yes, that is her nose.

How great is that vinyl birds on a wire, as soon as I saw this I knew it was going to feature.
Edit: I just found out it came from Wall Allure and is quite affordable.

Thanks again to all you guys for making a morning really bright.