the new year… begins now. It may be just over …

the new year… begins now.

It may be just over a week into 2006 but I’ve been ignoring that. Kind of like my last week of doing the old kind of things.. you know, running off to Melbourne to take photos of comedians, spending almost every cent on new clothes and generally having a good time. In fact, I had a really good, cruisy time to start the new year. I even had a lot of fun and added at least 30 new images to my folio of shots I like… here is a highlights package.

Jan 1, wake up on the ground, it’s raining and I’m sleeping under a fly on a ground sheet and am quite dry. Had Sarah there with me who had kept my company through the whole Falls Fest (where I managed to get some great shots in my lack lustre “over it” mood).
Catchign up with Janet and Gavin and doign coffee, breakfast, dodgem cars and king kong.

Jan 2, hanging out with Sarah and John, attempting to CD shop with no luck, flying to Melb and catching the lovely Aidzee and Benne.

Jan 3, breakfast with Frog, Coffee with X, shopping, bumping into Danny Wallace and the lovely Greta aka Lizzie, buying a shirt in a shop where they offered to have the sleaves shortened to fit, large amounts of wine, hot green peas and burgers with Danny , Gretta and Ian a popular UK radio presenter. Got invited to a wedding. Some jacket shopping, more wine and then catching up with Tori and off to do a shoot with her and her sister in an amazing apartment building on the Yarra, made in a spanish style out of old manions from Toorak, dinner with Tori at the Jam Factory.

Jan 4
Lazy morning, reading book on Brunswick St, hit the outlets for some clothes, the Kubrick Exhibition at ACMI, Danny Wallace shoot, catch up with Jo, dinner with Kristy and Mark, they book me for their wedding. Early night.

Jan 5, Sarah’s Birthday (yay), Danny Bhoy Shoot, Lunch with Annthea, Pick up cool shirt with the newly shortened sleaves, Danny and gretta’s wedding, drinking lots, getting complimented on my photography, taking some playful shots with charlie and danny, russian bar with tom jones playing in the toilet.

Jan 6, Hungry Jacks for breakfast at 12.30 while running to catch a plane. Sarah’s birthday party, lots more to drink, taking some photos of sarah’s family. catchign up with old friends.

Jan 7, do a bit of cleaning up after party, late breakfast with Ness, coffee with Benny and discovered that we were close wo winning the lottery ( we had a ticket). Drive to Home and crash on couch with new Hitchcock DVD.

Seems like I did alot… but it was all nice and fun and most importantly I spent alot of tiem with friedns in 2 different states, made new ones from over the waters and was there for one when she needed me… which probably was the most important thing I did this week.

Tomorrow… work.
Might even blog about the Falls in more detail, but to keep with my lack lustre approach to it this year I probably won’t. Lets just say some new portraits taken of some famous musicians, and the most famous of all was an egotistical wanker who didn’t get many new fans from his performance… or from his photography pose.