The Prize Winning Photo of the Award Winning Tom P…

The Prize Winning Photo of the Award Winning Tom Putt

1 Day to go…

I’ve been away from the office for 3 nights, just what I needed, some time away to forget about packing and all that goes with finalising all the work I need to get done before I go.

First night I was in Hobart, met up with one of my couples from the last wedding season, had a bit of a deconstruction that I did learn thigs from. So thanks Sean and Nat (long time readers!). I then went off and met up with Wellington, who gave me some tips and generally gave me the big pep talk about how amazing the Uk is going to be. Following that I met up with Sarah and John for a little bit of Dinner followed by Architecture in Helsinki concert (great once they got into it, but I think I like the tighness and production of the live CD’s too much to really get into it.

Saturday morning was a bit of a going away breakfast, great turn out, great group of friends and we even managed to keep up our spirits even though it was the worst service/food that any of us had ever had. It passed the point of being annoying to being funny, plus we managed to get a good discount, it will be the last time I head to Mummies in Battery Point for a while. A tip for them was to a) make sure the toast is cooked enough so the butter can melt onto it, b) peal the kiwi fruit before putting it into the muesli, c) explain to the customers that there will be a delay due to the chef being sick. I kinda fel bad naming them, but really, it was bad and I hope that I can go back in the future and have a great time like I have had there before.

Then it was off to Freycinet for the annual AIPP conference. Next couple of days were great, relaxing looking at photos, being inspired and taking a few snaps. I managed to win a couple of categories in the photo competition, the people section and also the overall winner for my shot of Tom Putt. It was great having Tom down, I speak to him daily in over the net or on the phone to Melbourne. It was also great to get to know his wife and daughter a bit better.

Nick Meladonis, Tony Hewitt, Alice Bennett and Tero Sade were our inspirational speakers, I have new ideas and thought on what I am going to do in the UK and also when I get back home. My landscape photography has also had a bit of a shot in the arm, so expect some very nice pics.

I managed to pick up a slip in portrait album, a set of books from one of out speakers and to top it off a dam funky little digital camera that looks like an old twin lens reflex Rolli. I sat in a café on the way home and read the instructions and 2 people asked me about it, so it will be fun to use and meet curious people. It does look like a toy, but it has a 2 mega pixel CMOS sensor. I’ll document the trip to Edinburgh with it and upload it here. Have a look at what i won.

So I am now all relaxed and prepared for the last frantic day of getting everything done, will I succeed? I reckon there is a good chance.

Below are the other 3 shots I entered into the photo comp.

Some Rock Patterns, with inspiration from Michelle Kenna
Graham Carter – The Fuji Man

Bit of mood over the Hazzards