The Rees Family

I knew when Ros came in to have her pre consultation that these little girls were going to be fun to shoot, Ashlea and Chealsea were supposed to be asleep by the time she arrived, but they had their own ideas staying wide awake. Anyway, I went out and had a great session with the Rees Family, which also included dad Martin, and also Sophie and Maddy.

Maddy gave me a tour of the house at the start of the session, she was full of energy and loved showing me around. We got a great series of shots in her bedroom.


The twins are 9 months old and were very cute the whole session. These shots are taken on the floor near the kitchen where there was some fantastic light. We moved into another room a little later to get some more moody shots like the one up top of this post.


Sophie was great helping me out getting the babies to smile, and she had no trouble turning on a smile when it was her turn in front of the camera.