The Surprise

Last Wednesday I got a call from Sherry, she was frantically ringing around photographers to try find someone who could not only shoot her partners kids, but also produce a canvas from the shoot by Father’s Day. That’s a 3 day turn around and generally not do able. So after asking a few more questions, I suggested that we take the shots and then surprise him with the viewing on Fathers Day so he could choose his favourite.

It was on. A couple of hours after the phone call we were, in alleyways, up a tree, exploring the duck island in City Park shooting Emily and Bill for the surprise.


We had such a great time, these are pretty cool kids, lots of energy, fun spirits and get along so well. We were nearly busted too, we walked straight past Rodney’s ute on the way to one of the locations!

It was hard to finish the session because there were so many more photos I could have taken of them.

5pm on Sunday the kids and Sherry lead Rodney up to the surprise viewing. He had no idea and he was lown away by the photos. We had his favourite drink for him, a bit of Johnny Cash playing and his kids on the screen.

I can’t say enough how much fun this was! Thanks again Sherry, Bill and Emily for keeping the surprise!